The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

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Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for gasoline, electricity and natural gas? Are you at all concerned about the wholesale polluting by the energy corporations of our oceans and waterways, our limited groundwater resources, the food we eat and the very air we breathe?

There is a solution available now which is being suppressed by the largest energy corporations and most powerful people and governments on the planet. Their desire is to extract as much money from you, the people, as possible by selling you the last remnants of our world's precious resources.

The solution is a revolutionary energy technology capable of providing an unlimited quantity of energy cheaply and cleanly. Imagine making a one time purchase of an energy generator for your home and electric cars and then never paying for electricity, gasoline or natural gas again! Imagine completely eliminating your carbon footprint forever! This technology produces absolutely no pollution and does not rely on our dwindling carbon resources.

This technology is real. It is ready to go into mass production today. But, it can only be produced if you are willing to fund it with your generous donations. The power brokers of the world want to buy up this technology, control it and suppress it. Don't let them!

First, watch this video describing the technology and the man who has fought to bring it forward for the last 40 years. Second, click on the donate button to contribute and do your part to help us end the reign of the world's energy brokers and polluters. Third, help us spread this information to the people of the world by emailing and tweeting your family and friends about this site.

Only we, the people of the Earth, can make this a reality. Thank you for your support!